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Terms Of Use

Please read my Terms Of Use in its entirety. If you violate my terms of use, I will send you one warning(with the exception of rule #1). After your warning, I will block your IP address

I don't want to block anyone's IP address for not reading my Terms Of Use. So, please, please, please... READ my Terms Of Use.

1) All graphics, blinkies, and animations on this site were made by me (except where noted). They are free for you to use for personal pages ONLY. You may NOT use any of the images for profit. IF YOU VIOLATE THIS RULE I WILL BLOCK YOUR IP ADDRESS WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.

2) If you would like to use the graphics for monetary gain, please Email Me.

3) Please right-click and save graphics to your computer. NO direct-linking allowed!

4) You must provide a link back to my site (and any other site that I have obtained the graphics from) wherever you use my graphics.

5) You are not allowed to use my graphics for offline purposes such as printing on t-shirts, fabric, etc. for any reason.

6) You may, however, print out my graphics on paper for personal use only.

7) I reserve the right to change my terms of use if necessary. So please check back often to stay up to date with my terms of use.

8) I reserve the right to block your IP address at any time if you violate my terms of use.

9) DO NOT alter any of my graphics in any way. This includes stretching them, manipulating them with a graphics program, etc. You may, however, mirror or flip images.

10) You may not delete parts or duplicate my graphics in any way and claim them as your own.

11) My graphics may NOT be used on any site containing nudity, pornographic material, animal/child abuse, racism, etc.

Now that we have that over with, please enjoy your time here. If you have any questions please feel free to Email Me .