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Just a little bit about me

My real name is Erica. On the web I'm called Foxxfire or Foggy Mama.
Iím a 39 year-young mom of four great kids and eight birds. Iíve been a mom for nearly 2 decades and a pet bird enthusiast for just as long. I enjoy writing, reading, blogging, arts & crafts, and creating graphics with Paint Shop Pro. I am a proud new Nana to a beautiful baby girl!

I love watching baseball! Everyone that knows me is not surprised when I start yelling at the TV and rooting for my team! I do get a bit rowdy when it comes to baseball!

I have a wonderful man that stands by me through thick and thin. OkayÖ so sometimes heís behind me Ďcuz he says Iím the Queen B. No, really, heís absolutely wonderful.

I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have struggled with these disorders since I was 13. I use the word struggle instead of suffer for a reason. A positive attitude goes a long way!

My Step-mom, Brenda, is my hero. She taught me that I should be proud of who I am and not give up on myself. She was the strongest person that I have ever known. Sadly, she passed away in August of 2008. She survived Breast Cancer only to begin her fight with Lung Cancer and then the Dr.s discovered a Brain Tumor. She had an 11 year fight with cancer and she remained strong through it all. There will never be another person on this Earth that will affect my life in such a great degree! I wish to dedicate this site to her.